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Improved Study Habits Hypnosis Audio CD PLR Resell Rights

studyThis set of hypnosis CDs gives you the legal right to duplicate and resell these CDs for 100% of your own profit. You now have the the freedom to duplicate these CDs from your own masters and make huge profit in whatever way you can. A great bonus is that you are not only selling some of the most popular hypnosis CDs on the market but you are selling products that will work effectively for people and their results.

Some ideas below:

-Make money selling these CDs on your own web site
-Make money using these CDs as an incentive for your own product
-Make money selling these to your network of friends
-Make money selling these in your spare time at trade shows
-Make money on your college campus selling these to a potential of thousands of fellow students
-Use them as gifts for your customers and clients
-Use them as an incentive for employee performance
-Make money with these incredible hypnosis CDs in your own creative way
-Or just share with the world what you have learned to be the ultimate human potential


“The easiest and most effective way to create happy customers.”

This opportunity presents you the ability to make an income along with the rewards of helping others with the latest in hypnosis and self improvement technology.

These hypnosis CDs are some of the most popular and desired issues wanted by the world population containing rapid hypnosis inductions along with powerful suggestions combined with the latest knowledge

in hypnosis for effective results.

Once you have your own set of masters you can label the CD with your own label and you are off and started. Receive your set of masters of these hypnosis CDs for a one time investment.

Professional Hypnosis CDs Created By Certified Hypnotherapists:
Jesse Berg, CHT. And Steven B. Schneider, CHT.

Each One Of these CDs Include:

* Digitally Mastered Sound
* The Newest Techniques In Hypnosis Performance, Combining Up-To- Date Hypnosis Inductions And The Latest In NLP
* Every Hypnosis Session Is Intertwined With Hypnosis Inducing Music And Trance Deepening Sounds
* Every CD Includes A Pre-Talk That Explains What Hypnosis Is, How Hypnosis Works And The Common Unknown Facts Of Hypnosis
* Each CD Has A Running Time Of 45-55 Minutes In Length
* Each CD Is A Complete And Full Hypnosis Session

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